The world has never been more connected.  It seems that there are new social media platforms cropping up all of the time to compliment or even compete with the established “big players” such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  Twitter is only the latest of the social media companies to have gone public (and it certainly won’t be the last!).  World events seem to be “Tweeted” faster than they’re “reported” and news via Twitter can spread directly from the source at the moment It’s (whatever “it” may be) happening.

Though Urban Stay isn’t (yet) a world-changer in the corporate housing sphere we would still like to be at the forefront of social media in our serviced apartment industry.  We have therefore decided to embrace this platform to keep our clients up to date on all of the short-term apartment rentals we’re taking on and all of the other general serviced apartment news in London accommodation that we’re involved with.  We likewise appreciate the possibility of being able to stay in touch with all that’s happening with our friends in the industry too!

So there you have it.  After much consideration we here at Urban Stay have finally decided to enter the esteemed ranks of the Twitterati.  Well, perhaps we are not yet qualified to claim such a prestigious position within this social media sphere just yet but at least we’ve taken our first step!  Twitter is an incredibly useful tool for staying up to date with customers, competitors, peers, and the general world at large and is unlike any other social media platform out there.  We’ve only just begun to follow people and organisations that are of interest to our serviced apartment focus, and we’re hoping to pick up some followers of our own along the way too!  You can now follow us at: www.twitter.com/UrbanStayLtd and stay informed about everything we’re doing, and maybe even learn about some last minute deals along the way too.  Looking forward to Tweeting with you all!!