Best Things to Do in London in Autumn

Best Things to Do in London in Autumn
That’s it, it seems that summer is officially over.  While it would be easy to mourn the loss of sun and associated smiles of Londoners that mysteriously accompany our shining friend whenever he makes his rare appearance, we here at Urban Stay prefer to look on the “bright” side and indulge in all of those special London activities that are really best enjoyed when the weather is cold and the air is wet.  We’ve compiled a list of the Best Things to Do in London in Autumn – we hope you enjoy!!
1)      Enjoy any of the many free museums in London.

London is an excellent city for museums.  Not only are there modern art museums, cultural museums, scientific museums, etc. but the best part is that most of them are free!!  We don’t want to be walking around a drafty museum when the sun is shining, but when it’s raining these all of a sudden become the best way to while away a few hours – while getting a bit of culture too.  So instead of lamenting the cold and wet, why not use it as an excuse to finally visit the V&A or the Natural History Museum?  Free entry guaranteed for all, and good times come as standard!

2)      Go shopping!!

While not necessarily an activity enjoyed by all, London does have some of the best shopping available anywhere in the world.  As it’s all indoors it’s sure to excite as well as comfort so why not?  Whether it’s the standard Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush or Stratford, or the Whiteley’s in Bayswater there’s plenty to see and do on a day out comparing prices.  Little known Canary Wharf has some of the best shopping around, minus the crowds, and of course Harrod’s will always impress with their ever-changing displays and high-class experiences on offer.

3)      Time to get stuffed!!  With food, that is…

London has some of the most eclectic and interesting cuisine available anywhere in the world.  No longer a thing of snide comments, British cuisine has improved by leaps and bounds over the years to now be regarded as high (or higher) than our continental contemporaries.  Moreover, the diverse and multicultural makeup of London means that there is literally any type of food available in most places all over the capital!!  So while its raining, why not pop into that experimental modern restaurant you’ve heard about, or that local Turkish restaurant that a friend mentioned?  There’s never been a better time to feel good about being indoors enjoying some excellent food than when London’s raining so let’s make the best of it!!

4)      Pubs.  Gotta love ‘em and when it’s raining is when they can be at their absolute best!!

The British cultural identity cannot be discussed without mentioning the famous pubs that define this great land.  There’s one in every town, more in every city, and London is full of some truly wondrous places to lounge away a rainy day.  A staple of a good pub will be its food menu, beer selection, livingroom-like feel, some good leather couches, a nice fireplace, and friendly staff.  When it’s raining in London there are plenty of places just like this that you can stumble into (or out of!) and pass a few comfortable hours with a nice pint or glass of wine.  With a food menu that will rival most restaurants while maintaining a decidedly British focus there’s almost no reason to ever leave!!  So why not grab a local paper, pop into a warm and welcoming pub and spend some hours out of the wet while wetting your lips and appetite!


Well, I’m sure that there’s plenty more to do when London is wet and rainy, but these are some of our absolute favourites!!  We hope that as this season progresses you may look at our list and add some of your own favourites.  London is a great city to live in year-round, especially when it rains!