Best Things To Do Around Spitalfields London

If you’re staying in one of our Liverpool Street Apartments or short stay accommodation in Shoreditch don’t miss these best things to do around Spitalfields. Spitalfields is becoming an increasingly popular area of London and for good reason! Not only is Spitalfields known for underground music and the fantastic art scene, it is also a weekday business hub! One of the most popular things about the area is the fact that you are appreciated for your individuality. Expect to see a great mix of people including those in suits looking serious combined with hipsters and fashionistas. We’ve put together a few things that we think are most definitely worth exploring if you are staying in the area.

1) Art and Design at Spitalfields

If you are of the arty persuasion and like experiencing new things, you will fit in perfectly! There are many artists and art students living in the area, so expect to see alternative fashion and a lot of individuality around. If you want to see some of London’s best graffiti take a stroll down Brick Lane and wander around Shorditch. Shoreditch street art is some of the best in the world and you will be surrounded by fantastic pieces wherever you look. (Don’t forget to explore the side streets too – that’s sometimes where the real gems are hidden!).

If you are more interested in enjoying art in a more traditional manner, there are several different galleries in the area where different artists take turns in renting out the spaces and displaying their work. There is no set time for this so if you would like to attend open events and specific exhibitions, do some research beforehand. In Spitalfields there are photo opportunities all around! Simply walk the streets and you are sure to find plenty of inspiration. (Don’t forget to look up to see the old buildings beautifully contrasted against the newer ones.)

Best Things To Do Around Spitalfields in The City of London - Urban Stay Graffiti

2) Amazing Restaurants

Even if trying new food wasn’t at the top of your London to do list you’ve got to try London’s amazing street food. Yes indeed, amazing street food! Although England has a terrible reputation for its cuisine in general you will be blown away but what is served in London. As Spitalfields is set in a vibrant intercultural neighbourhood you will get pretty much any food you want. From amazing Japanese, Mexican, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Spanish and yes – English (!) you have everything to choose from. Although chain restaurants we can warmly recommend Wagamama (crispy squid!), Leon (the wraps with chili sauce) and Pipel falafel (there’s a reason why there’s a massive queue during lunch!).

At the weekends there are food stalls with plenty of fast food available to snack on during the day. If you are looking for a sit down meal, simply stroll around the area and you will find several great restaurants! There is everything from Greek to traditional American diner style food available. You will definitely find something to satisfy your taste buds! A great thing about Spitalfields is also that there are restaurants with a variety of price tags available. You therefore can choose how much you want to spend and you can easily choose according to your budget.

If you simply fancy a quick bite on the go, do not miss out on a bagel from the fantastic Beigel Bake on brick lane! It is famous for its delicious salted beef and the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels (and as an added bonus it’s open 24/7!)

Nearby Brick Lane is London’s best known hub for Indian and Pakistani restaurants. The street is filled with award-winning restaurants offering some of the best curry in London. We recommend Sheba for the curry and Cinnamon for big groups. Brick Lane Clipper is worth a try for the Hyderabadi Lamb and last but not least, Muhib Indian Cuisine for the fantastic veggie curry.

Best Things To Do Around Spitalfields in The City of London - Urban Stay Pie shop

3) Excellent Bars & Pubs

If you want to enjoy a drink in the area, there is a large variety of bars and clubs to choose from. The best thing about Spitalfields, is the fantastic vibe during the summer when you can sit outside. However, in the wintertime it can be equally cosy with heat lamps available in most places! Whether you are looking for a posh champagne bar or a casual low key place, there will be somewhere to suit your needs!

Best Things To Do Around Spitalfields in The City of London - Urban Stay Pub

4) Best London Markets

During your time in Spitalfields, you have to experience the wonderful markets! Spitalfields Market and Old Spitalfields Market offer everything from souvenirs, antiques, vintage clothes and accessories and handmade goods. The markets are famous for being a place for brilliant designers to start up, so there’s always something new to discover! Ideal also if you’re only in London for a few days the markets are open every day. Even if you don’t feel like shopping the amazing street food alone is worth a visit. In  addition, the markets are sheltered so it’s a great place even when it’s raining; just make sure to wear enough clothes to keep warm during the wintertime.

On Sundays, there is also a market on Brick Lane. This market is more alternative and gets extremely busy during the summer. The market is more a car boot sale with locals selling their second hand goods. The many street artists, musicians and food stalls just add  to the generally relaxed weekend vibe. This market does not have substantial protection and is likely to be cancelled if it is raining.

Best Things To Do Around Spitalfields in The City of London - Urban Stay Pub

5) Serviced Accommodation in the heart of London

If you are looking for short let London accommodation around Spitalfields, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. Whether you require budget accommodation close to work or wish to stay in a luxury penthouse, we can help. Take a look at our Spitalfields Central Apartments or London City Serviced Apartments at Liverpool Street. In addition, you may also want to stay in our gorgeous Artillery Lane Apartments opposite the famous Breakfast Club!

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