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Animal Charity Donations

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation in London with us and we Give £10 for Every Pet Booking to Animal Charities!

Since its foundation in 2014 Urban Stay has been known to be one of the very few serviced apartment companies in London to offer pet-friendly accommodation. With just a handful of apartments, to begin with, we’ve now grown our portfolio of pet-friendly London accommodation to over 60 units. So whether you require cat or dog-friendly accommodation in The City of London, Central London or West London give Urban Stay a ring today.

We were the first serviced apartment provider in London to offer special dog and cat welcome packs and a London Guide for Travelling with pets – made by Urban Stay. In addition, we also bake our own personalized Urban Stay dog biscuits – handmade with love. Lastly, you will also receive our Urban Stay mascot – Felix The Fox.

Now Urban Stay feels like it’s time to give back. For every Urban Stay pet-friendly accommodation London you book we give £10 to charity! We specifically chose a few animal charities that we’ve personally worked with or visited. In particular, all those charities help stray dogs and cats abroad. They implement spay and neuter programs, help educate the public, rescue abandoned dogs and cats, and try to find loving forever homes for them.

Supported Animal Charities

1. We support Spanish Stray Dogs, the charity from which we adopted our first office dog, Maya. Maya was found wandering the streets of Southern Spain and then saved by Spanish Stray Dogs. She has the most loving character and was nurtured back to health before finding her forever home with us. Spanish Stray Dogs give excellent advice on which dog would suit your lifestyle and stay with you through the entire adoption process. We cannot recommend them highly enough if you wish to adopt a dog. Since its foundation in 2012, they have helped over 300 strays with loving homes in the UK and elsewhere and have helped many more on site.

pet friendly apartments

2. We support Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a charity Urban Stay’s founders James and Jenny visited when travelling the country in 2017. Sri Lanka has a massive stray animal problem with over 3 million roaming the streets and there’s just one charity that is trying to solve the problem – Animal SOS Sri Lanka! The charity was founded by a British woman in 2007 – Kim Cooling after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka. They now care for over 1500 dogs on a daily basis and roll out spay and neuter programmes in the local area.  They also have a charity shop in London (Jubilee Parade, Snakes Ln E, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 7QG) if you wish to donate your old clothes, furnishings or books. You can also arrange a collection should you live north of the Thames.

3. We support SOS Podenco Rescue, the charity from which we adopted our second office dog – Mika. Podencos or Ibizan Hounds are extremely common in Spain but they still purely bread for hunting. This, unfortunately, means that hunters buy a pack of podencos at the beginning of the hunting season and then dispose of them at the end. During the hunting season, they are often left starving so that they become better hunters and they receive no affection or medical treatments. If they’re lucky they may just be abandoned on the street and found by a good person. However, because they’re not considered pets in Spain most end up in public kill shelters where they’re often the first ones to be euthanized. Some hunters, however, may just drown them, hang them or starve them to death when they’re done with them. Podencos though make the most wonderful pets. They’re inquisitive, sensitive, playful, quite and very affectionate with both humans and dogs alike. If you get the chance please come and say hi to Maya and Mika.

4. We support the Romanian Rescue Appeal, a charity helping the thousands of strays in Romania. Stray dogs are a massive problem in Romania and in Bucharest alone there are 65,000 stray dogs on the streets. Unfortunately, strays aren’t treated kindly. Many are beaten to death, or left mutilated to die a slow and agonising death. It is truly heartbreaking. The government has only taken one direction – to catch them in barbaric ways and put them into public kill shelters. The public shelters are often run by animal abusers and dogs are left in awful conditions, often with open, untreated wounds, or lack of food and water. It is therefore up to small private charities and shelters to roll out neuter and spay programmes and help finding homes for the dogs abroad. Please consider adopting or fostering one of these beautiful souls or support this charity with any other means you may have.

Ms. Jenny Dreiling, Urban Stay’s Director of Finance and Marketing added: “We’re massive animal lovers and it’s heartbreaking to know that animal abuse and neglect is so widely spread. We hope that we can contribute to making a difference by educating people, collecting funds and helping to find adopters and foster homes. Please consider supporting one of those charities as well.”

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