Stay in Urban Stay’s London Serviced Apartments and You May Meet Felix The Fox

Urban Stay's Serviced Apartments Mascot - Felix The Fox

Book your stay in Urban Stay’s London serviced apartments and you may meet Felix The Fox (#felixthefox). Felix is our newest addition to the Urban Stay family and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. As we’re a London based business and see urban foxes wandering London’s streets all the time we thought it was about time to adopt one ourselves! Felix loves pets, children and adults from all over the world, so come and say hi!

Felix comes with our pet welcome packs but our operations staff will be introducing Felix to children as well. If you’re still a child at heart we’re happy to share Felix with you too of course!



Take Felix The Fox on Your Adventures and Share your Pictures with Us!

We love our Felix The Fox and are sad to see him leave. However, we’re happy to share him with you, your children, and pets! We’d love to see that he’s in good hands and is enjoying himself. Just take him on your adventures through London and the world and share your snaps with us! And if your dog is having the time of his life with Felix why not share the love?

Use our hashtags #Urban_Stay, #FelixTheFox, #FelixTravels to share your pictures with us on social media and become part of the Urban Stay Family!




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