A picture says a thousand words.  At least that’s how the saying goes.  As such we launched our Youtube Channel and have created some slideshows that showcase the best features in a few of our most popular serviced apartments in London.  By viewing a compilation of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens we hope to convey the quality and minute touches that make staying with Urban Stay the obvious choice in London serviced accommodation.  Our carefully laid bedspreads with unique pillows accessorising the apparent comfort compliment the warm and welcoming atmosphere of each living room.  The kitchens and bathrooms clearly have all of the modern necessities one would expect without losing any of the charm that makes each apartment unique.

London is one of the most eclectic and bustling cities in the world.  When our guests stay in one of our serviced apartments though we secure the calm and peace of mind that comes with fulfilled expectations.  That’s really what we’re after here.  When our clients, guests, and industry peers alike view our movies we want to instill in them an expectation of our quality and service.  An expectation, no doubt, that will be fully realised the moment they step through the door of their temporary home and are personally shown around for the very first time.

What is it like to stay in an apartment with Urban Stay?  Well, check out our Youtube Channel and watch a few of our new movies to find out!
Which serviced apartment bedroom do you like the most? One Commercial Street looks just stunning!
Which living rooms is the most welcoming to you? Canary Riverside offers an amazing view!
We’re always working on improving our product and services and would love to hear your thoughts!  In the meantime though, as we tell all of our guests, we hope you sit back and enjoy your time with Urban Stay.