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Urban Stay Serviced ApartmentsUrban Stay Serviced Apartments
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Our Service

Our Service

We are a company that provides serviced apartments, specializing in corporate housing and extended stay accommodations in London and the UK. Catering to corporate and business travellers, we offer relocation services and temporary stays.  We prioritize making your stay enjoyable and stress-free, priding ourselves on our personal touch. Our service, regardless of our growth, ensures a positive and quality experience. Our guests define Urban Stay and will always be our top priority.

Urban Stay Quality Services

Serviced Apartments UK

We are dedicated to providing the best serviced apartments for your needs. We offer a 24-hour emergency phone line, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and comprehensive welcome guides with local and tourist information. Urban Stay goes beyond this with personal Meet & Greets for every guest and an extensive welcome pack, including breakfast, dinner, and free wine. Our aim is to make every guest feel like they have a “home away from home.” Caring for each guest, on a personalized level, is at the core of our service.

  1. Stay with us while you find your new home
  2. Global Mobility Managers
  3. Secondments & Projects
  4. Expatriates