Visiting London? Regardless of the area you will visit in the capital London is not a dangerous city per se. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your belongings safe. Particularly if you are going to very popular tourist hotspots such as Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Camden Town or Borough Market you should watch your personal belongings closely. Alternatively just leave your valuables in a safe place in your temporary accommodation. Here are a few gadgets and ideas that will keep your personal belongings safe, in winter and/or in summer.

1) The Coke Bottle Safe

Hide your valuables in a coke bottle.
Found at

2) The Book Safe

The good old book safe. Had to be in the list.
Available for £10.99 from PresentsFormen.

3) Power Plug Safe

Leave your belongings at your apartment or hotel and hide them in a multi-outlet power strip. While this is not a real power strip, the Surge Protector Diversion Safe is designed to make it look as authentic as possible. To make it look realistic, it comes with a battery-powered on-off switch and allows users to plug up to 6 cords into the outlet as well as plugging the power strip into the wall.
Available from for $25.

4) Undertech Undercover Underwear

The closer to the body, the better. This functional T-Shirt keeps your things out of sight. There exists a range of different designs, both for men and women. The Travel Safe Shirt features 7 pockets, each tailored to securely carry and protect your belongings. The 3 pouch pockets are designed for your most frequently accessed items. You may also use the 4 zippered pockets to stash belongings more securely. In addition, you can hang jewelry or watches on the integrated “snap to close” loop.
Found at TravelSafeProducts for $59.

5) Flip Flops Safe

These Reef Flipflops have a secret hiding spot in the sole. Simply stash emergency cash, your credit cards and keys in the rubber cases and push them into the soles. Done. Excellent accessory for busy beaches.
Found here for $49

6) Tanning Lotion Safe Bottle

Keep your belongings safe in the splash proof tanning lotion bottle. Simply remove the lid and place your iPhone or BlackBerry, credit cards, cash, keys and anything else you want to hide inside the secret compartment.
Available for £8.99 from Presentsformen.

7) Patagonia’s Travel Belt

The Patagonia Travel Belt is an excellent gadget to keep an emergency stash of cash, checks, or other goodies. Made from Nylon, the belt features a zippered pocket on the inside to hide your valuables.
Found on Uncrate for $30.

8) Inspector Gadget Trenchcoat

SCOTTeVEST trenchcoat is water- and stain-resistant and features 18 designed pockets for your personal gadgets. There’s a designated space for your phone, pen, sunglasses, passport, water bottle, keys, camera, Ipad and others!
Available from $149.99 at ThinkGeek.

9) Speakeasy Travel Scarves

Speakeasy Travel Scarves are beautiful accessories but also feature a hidden zippered pocket to keep your belongings secret.
The pocket is designed to fit a passport, small guide book, phone, keys or anything else you want to hide.
Available from £33.27 on Etsy.