Top 6 Travel Tips For Anxious Travellers

Do you get anxious before you travel to another country?

With so much media attention on international disasters  it is easy to see why many suffer from anxiety related stress during international travel.

If you follow these travel tips, you significantly lessen chances of compromising your safety when you’re travelling, thus decreasing your anxiety levels and stress.



1) Don’t put your money in one place

Almost all expert travellers and frequent flyers will tell you that putting your money in one place is a very bad idea. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this has to be our number one travel advise. If a pickpocket or burglar successfully steals from you, then you’ve lost everything. By putting some money in different spots (preferably not on your person) you ensure that you’ll have money left in the event of a theft. As a general rule of thumb, leave at least half of the money you brought for your trip in a safety deposit box. Most hotels and serviced apartments have a safe you can use.


2) Don’t be too trusting

One of the things that makes travelling such a magical experience is being able to interact with the locals. Even though befriending the locals is often encouraged, you should still exercise caution. Don’t be too trusting of strangers especially if you think your personal safety is going to be compromised. You should also be aware that there are groups in most countries that prey specifically on tourists. Be aware of the newest scams by researching online. Forewarned is forearmed.


3. Get Insured

Travel insurance is one thing that most travellers forget about when planning a trip. But this should be an important part of your preparation. Travel insurance will cover most situations from getting your bag stolen, to losing your luggage at the airport, to severe illness.


4. Get vaccinated

 This is a reminder more than a warning. Many countries have mandatory guidelines for tourist vaccination. But for countries that do not have these strict guidelines you should research online about what vaccines you should get prior to visiting a particular country. This is crucial for all travellers.


5. Don’t flaunt wealth

Being a traveller usually means you have some money to burn and this also means that you will often be more affluent than the locals. Don’t tempt fate by flaunting wealth or affluence during your trip. You really don’t need to wear any expensive jewelry or leave your valuable gadgets out in the open for everyone to see.



6. Don’t be peer-pressured into doing anything

You’ll be surprised to know that the biggest threat to your safety is often your own travel companion. People tend to be more gung-ho when on vacation and your travel companion may just be the kind of person who throws caution to the wind, does stupid things and then expect you to do the same. Resist any kind of goading or cajoling to do something you’re not comfortable with. Be firm and always think of your safety.


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