Top 10 London Apps For Locals and Tourists

We can’t get away from our gadgets. Most of them are now an integral part of our lives. Our smartphones and tablets are our lifeline to our contacts, schedules, and our work and family. When travelling to London, why not take advantage of the most popular apps that you can install on your favorite device. Because, let’s face it, you’re going to be carrying them with you all the time.


1) London Tube Map App

This £1 paid app is worth its price. The London Tube app offers an in-depth guide to the London Underground. It has Google Maps compatibility and also has a journey planner built in where you can find the best routes to places you want to go.

 Best London Apps - London Tube App

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2) Lonely Planet Travel Guides: London – The City

Enabling your device for an audio walking tour is one of the best uses for technology you’ll get while travelling in London. The Lonely Planet Travel Guides are one of the best in its class and the London – The City guide is full of useful information. The audio commentary even includes excerpts from the BBC archives – imagine listening to that while walking around London!

Best London Apps - Lonely Planet Travel App London

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3) Hailo

Hailo is a free app that you can use if you want to take a taxi. All it takes is just two taps to hail a taxi. You can pay either in cash or with a credit card. The app is nifty in that you’ll see the estimated arrival time of the taxi to your location.

Best London Apps - Hailo App

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4) The Official London App

This app has been commissioned by London & Partners, the official promotional organisation for the city of London. The free app has a comprehensive listing of free events, important happenings and even local attractions that are off the beaten track. It also has a map to make finding places easier. Whether you feel like a local or are new to town this free London city guide is full of inspiration and ideas.

Bets London Apps - The Official London App

5) Street Art London App

Do you want to see an actual Banksy street artwork with your own eyes but don’t know where to find it? The Street Art London app offers a map and a guide that will show you where beautiful and unique street art is located.

Speaking of technology, all of our serviced apartments in London come equipped with free WiFi. You can work from the comforts of your serviced apartment without having to worry about internet access.

Best London Apps - London Street Aprt App

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6) Santander Cycles App

London has a bad reputation for being rainy and grey. However, you’d be surprised that this isn’t necessarily true! At least not if you’re used to living in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland or any other country with similar climates. London has many beautiful sunny days and the winters are mild. So what better way to explore the city overground at your own speed that cycling? Particularly if you are familiar with London traffic you’d be better off even walking sometimes than to take the bus or taxi.

Now the free Santander Cycles App shows you exactly where you can snatch up the next bicycle or drop it off. You will also find a printed map for cycle routes in all of our London serviced apartments. For more information check here.

Exploring London by bike - Santander cycles app

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7) Streetmuseum App by The Museum of London

You’re not a big fan of museums but are still interested in history? Then this app may be for you! Walk around London at your own pace and learn about the capitals’s history on the way. You only have to hold up your smartphone and the app with show you how certain places have looked in the past.

Best London Apps Streetmuseum App the Museum of London

8) City Socializer App

City socializer is a great app for anyone who wants to pimp their social life. Especially if you’ve just moved to London and don’t know many people this app is for you. You can message people with similar interests, create events for others to join or you can just join theirs. The best part about the app is also that you find activities in every neck of the woods – whether in the heart of Soho or trendy Brixton.

Just note that you have to front about £10/month to use it properly. Happy socializing!

Best London apps - City socializer app London

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9) UK Bus Checker

If you’re used to German accuracy when it comes to bus times than London will appear to you as a complete disaster. While you may find bus time at the bus stop they are just decoration. Buses never run on schedule and they won’t stop if you don’t hail them down. As such it may happen that you see the same bus number passing for the fourth time while your bus still hasn’t shown up. There’s only one way out of this chaos – technology! Get the UK bus checker app and benefit from live bus times. So before you decide to leave a cosy pub and stand in the rain and cold check your app first. You may get another pint of of it!

 London UK Bus Checker App - Live Bus Arrival App

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10) Dice App – Tickets for Gigs, Clubs & Festivals in London and more

If you love music, clubbing and festivals DICE is a must. Get the best gig prices for the greatest music events – big and small.  Dice offers low prices with no fees and an easy booking process to boot.

It’s quick and easy to search and pay for events!

Best London apps - Dice tickets app

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