It looks like summer is finally over in London and we are forced to replace sunglasses with a jacket and umbrella. This is why we created this list of the most creative, innovative and cool umbrellas to make you stand out from the crowd this autumn!

1) The Shoulder Umbrella

A hands-free umbrella wrapped around the shoulder. Not sure if it will stand the wind in London but worth a try.

2) The Couple Umbrella

Finally an umbrella for couples.

3) The Lettuce Umbrella

Suited for vegetarians and vegans, the lettuce umbrella. Have a bite!

4) The Umbrella Stool

Genius! An umbrella and a stool in one. Excellent idea for the festival season.

5) The Golf Umbrella

Well, you must love golf a lot to go for this one, the golf umbrella.

6) The Luminous Umbrella

No more walking in the dark with this luminous umbrella. In line with UK’s heath and safety regulations 😉

7) The Nubrella

Perfect for those who cycle to work or in their leisure time, the Nubrella. Hands-free and fights the wind.

8) The Coffe Cup Holder Umbrella

A must-have for the busy business man/women. Coffee-to-go.

9) The Light Saber Umbrella

Any Star Wars fans around? Here’s your light saber umbrella.

10) The Cloud Umbrella

An ironic umbrella. While clouds usually get you wet, this one will keep you dry.