We here at Urban Stay are continuously working to improve our apartments to make things easier and more comfortable for our guests.  One of our latest improvements is the installation of a letterbox in the door of one of our Liverpool Street properties.  This will allow the guests an easier check-out as all they have to do now is lock the door and put the keys through the slot!  No more envelopes or waiting for collection – now just a simple and streamlined procedure.

We only work with the best, and the contractor that came out from Maintain-A-Build was top notch!  Below are some pictures detailing his handiwork.

First he had to remove the door from the hinges. Then he had to set it up, ready to be cut. The power-saw was impressive (and noisy!) but he was quite careful and skillful. Taking care not to damage the door and make the hole just right, hopefully we didn’t wake up the neighbours!!

After cutting the hole he had to finish the edges before drilling holes for our new letterbox. Installing the letterbox was the easy part. Now refitting the door to make sure it works, we’ve got a new letterbox!!