It seems like Easter is just around the corner but this time the Easter Bunny is at home and munching on carrots while watching the telly. This doesn’t mean that Easter 2020 is ruined. Sure, you can’t celebrate it out and about but you can make the most out of this lockdown holiday. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Easter 2020 in lockdown:

1. Let the kids decorate the house

Easter is all about eggs, bunnies, and, of course, lots and lots of chocolate, but the holiday is also a great excuse to bust out your arts and crafts supplies for a fun-filled DIY time.  Children love to celebrate Easter, so why not letting them decorate the house this year. Take a look at those Easter crafts for kids. You’ll find everything you need for a fun-filled Easter party

2. Get creative with easter egg hunting

Who said an Easter egg hunt has to take place outdoors? Bring the fun into your home with an indoor Easter egg hunt. Quarantine doesn’t mean you have to skip the egg hunting, therefore, hosting your hunt indoors might be the ideal solution. For an exciting room-to-room hunt inside your home, hide your eggs in clever spots: tucked inside coat pockets, tissue boxes, behind books on the shelf, in napkins on the kitchen table, and shoes by the door.

3. Family Game Night

Making memories as a family is essential, and creating time to get together is always worth it. Why not bring everyone to the table with a family game night?

4. Easter movie marathon

Movie marathons are the perfect way to spend this Easter weekend. Plan ahead to make sure you will have a nice selection of snacks and drinks for your movie marathon. Be sure to include some healthy choices along with the standard movie fare of chips and candy, and of course don’t forget the popcorn!  Provide comfy pillows and throws, take time for breaks between each movie! Now on to movie suggestions:
1. Risen (2016)
2. I Can Only Imagine (2018)
3. Peter Rabbit (2018)
4. Hop (2011)
5. Hank and Mike (2008)

5. Unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay

Is cooking your passion? Try to follow one of Gordon Ramsay’s Easter recipes.


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