In uncertain times such as these, Urban Stay has taken all measures needed for its guests, business partners and the Urban Stay team to stay healthy and safe. Due to COVID 19, Urban Stay has been monitoring the advice given by the UK and international governments and will continue doing so.  As a consequence, the company has built and implemented adequate measures to minimize potential harm to our guests, business partners, and staff.

Measures Implemented to Protect our Guests: 

In order to keep cleaning staff safe and minimize the contact with our in-house guests, all serviced cleans have been canceled until further notice. In addition, Urban Stay  Serviced Apartments has taken the following steps in order to ensure maximum 
safe guests to feel safe and secure:

– Guests will receive care packages with clean linen, soap, toilet paper, washing capsules, towels,  bin bags, plastic gloves, and cleaning products on your scheduled cleaning day that will be left outside the apartment.
– All guests will also receive detailed instructions on how to keep themselves safe during this time and instructions on how to keep their apartments clean until service resumes.
– Guests are now informed of the nearest bin storage in order to allow them to dispose of their  garbage themselves.

Тhe company is doing everything to ensure that regardless of COVID 19, Urban Stay’s guests will continue their life in the properties as normal.

Measures Implemented to Protect our Staff: 

Urban Stay not only cares deeply about its guests but also about the team that brings all the services. The company took the following steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at its offices while trying to maintain a positive outlook for the future.

– To avoid exposure to public transport and high-risk environments, all employees have been  released from office duty this week. This means that most of the company’s workforce is now working in isolation from home. However, Urban Stay’s opening hours have not been affected by this measure and the company will remain open for business between 9 am and 6 pm. 

The operations team is now under strictly limited hours and staff members are scheduled on individual  rotating shifts only. To eliminate any spread of the virus in the company’s headquarters information displays have been installed on walls  to inform staff about the current risks. All staff members also have access to sanitary products, plastic gloves, soap, and toilet paper should there be shortness of supply in shops.

We urge any new guests to stay up to date on current travel bans and  restrictions and follow the guidance of the World Health Organization and local. As a response to the current economic climate  Urban Stay offers flexible cancellations for guests and business partners. Any in-house guest also has the chance to extend his or her stay at preferential rates to allow individuals to work  from home or self-isolate. 

Urban Stay urges you to refer to the Government advice in order to stay up to date on the latest coronavirus information and   fand any new measures taken by Urban Stay will be published in due course. Let’s all do our best to stay healthy, mindful and positive through these difficult times ahead.