We are always working to improve our London apartments and our marketing efforts have to keep pace too. This is why we decided to update our photography and invited a professional photographer to take pictures of our newest serviced apartment in Imperial Hall, Old Street – right in the heart of the city with The City of London and Shoreditch both only a close walk away!!
It’s quite detailed work doing what we do and we hope you enjoy getting a bit of a glimpse into one aspect (of the many!) of our business and see “behind the scenes” of Urban Stay.

He started in the bedroom, getting the lighting just right.  As you can see we’ve got some nice touches to our bedding too with some very “local” designs!

Watching him work was quite interesting as he would set up the shot by looking through his camera before adjusting the focus and angle through his laptop. He had a very advanced photography program that synced directly with the camera for seamless transitions.

Finally, he would actually edit the photos he took of the apartment on his laptop the moment he took the picture! Quite a good amount of work to do and even though he was photographing our one-bedroom apartment it took him almost 3 hours to complete.

And here’s the result of the living room shots, before and after! On the left as you can see the professional picture and on the right our initial picture. We guess you all agree that the left one is better.