Wondering what to do since you’re spending more time at home? Here are 5 things to do during lockdown.

1. Organize your closet

Something most of us need to do at least once a year. And is there a better time to get your wardrobe back in order? The famous Marie Kondo helped thousands of people to organize their homes. Take a look at her advice.

2.   Start a blog/youtube channel

Is that something you’ve been postponing for a long time? If you have something to share with the world, now it’s the best time. Not only you’ll inspire your audience, learn new skills and meet new people but you can generate income as well.

3.   Get fit

It’s never too late to begin a new life. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning and find yourself giving up withing a week. Even the smallest changes in your lifestyle can bring a positive impact.

4.   Learn a language

You’ve always wanted to speak Spanish, Italian, French, or even Chinese? Learning a new language may seem like a hard task, but anyone who has gone through the effort of doing so will know that it’s definitely worth it.

  1. Put a price tag on your creativity

You want to make some money out of your hobby whether it is knitting, painting, handicraft, etc. Start an online shop! We got inspired by our Director Jenny Dreiling who just launched her online store Maya’s Curiosities on Etsy – go check it out

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